Choose What to Count – Cycling

Cycling to work or university on one day a week will keep you fit, improve your wellbeing, and save 180kg CO2. If you can walk or cycle 30 miles per week then you will save 460kg over the year.

We want to add you to the counter!

If this is how you choose to reduce your CO2 emissions, we want to hear about it.

Let us know what you do by leaving a reply below. For Facebook users you can like one of the posts below, but please leave a comment so we can capture your activity and make it count. If you share it that’s great, but we don’t get to hear about it.

You are making a difference by being counted.

Other ways to be added to the counter include email, twitter and Instagram.

Click on the image below for more ways to count.

Group of actions


10 thoughts on “Choose What to Count – Cycling

  1. I cycle for groceries/any kind of local shopping rather than use the car several times per week. I cycle as a part of keeping fit too all year round. My husband has been cycling to and from work (to Winton from Southbourne) in all weathers for the past 10 years and only using the car occasionally to transport something big to the school where he has been working. We share a car and try not to use it every day.

  2. Hey Sarah, thanks for getting in touch. Each time you get on your bike you can know that your actions really do make a difference. We’ve added 460kg of savings to the counter. keep up the good work.

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