Count on Me at Christmas


How can YOU Make your Christmas Count?

Sign up to the Christmas Counter to let us know what you’ll be doing and show that together we can make a difference. See how much you can save below and still enjoy the Christmas season whilst also taking care of the planet.

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You can save as much as 1500kgs of CO2 over Christmas which equates to 10% of an average person’s annual emissions or as much as driving a car for 4500 miles.

The extra carbon emissions at Christmas come from increased car travel, overspending, unwanted presents, extravagant light displays and wasted food. However this can all be reduced or eliminated by following some simple advice. Take a look at our handy guide of Top Ten Tips to reduce your impact this year.

We’d love to see your tips and photos on how you will be having a Christmas that counts. Whether you’re making your own presents or decorations, or you know where to buy the best veg locally, or maybe you have some great tips for using up leftovers – share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.

For more great ideas about how to make your Christmas Count you can visit the Friends of the Earth website where they offer a whole range of useful tips and advice.