Choose What to Count – Clean Energy

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Choosing to switch to electricity from renewable sources – wind, sun, water and biofuels is a great way to reduce your household’s CO2 emissions.

We have teamed up with Big Clean Switch to offer you the chance to make a difference and save money by switching to a clean energy supplier. Big Clean Switch have made it easy for you to compare four suppliers so you can make a choice that’s right for you. On average people switching save £170 a year.

Based on an average medium usage standard switch, as well as saving you money it will also save up to 1600kg  of CO2 emissions that we can add to the counter.

Compare Clean Energy Now!

If you already get your energy from renewable sources leave a reply below and we’ll add you to the counter. For Facebook or Twitter users you can mention us in a post so we can capture your activity and make it count.

You are making a difference by being counted.

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