Count On Me Bournemouth

Count On Me is a community campaign designed to bring the people of Bournemouth together in a collective way of counting carbon to show that we care, and that we can make a difference.

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Our aim is simple – in changing some of our everyday activities, we intend to collectively save tonnes of our personal CO2 emissions.


We’ve taken part in a number of events over the summer with our counter going live as the people of Bournemouth shared their carbon saving activities. We reached almost 40,000kgs COsavings at Winton Carnival and collectively saved 63,480kgs at the Slades Farm Festival. Current total savings are 450,300kgs, this is equivalent to filling the Bournemouth Balloon 45 times over!

Look out for us around town as the counter continues, and help us to save even more CO2  

Simply visit the Count Here page to be counted.

Thanks to Simon Hayter for his balloon vector.