We love where we live in Bournemouth, however extreme weather events here, as well as further afield, are becoming more frequent, reminding us of how the effects of climate change can impact on all of us.

Our everyday activities produce up to 15,000kg CO2 a year per person, all of which contributes to global warming. We can act now on climate change, and by doing so, combat social inequality, environmental degradation and unsustainable consumption.

It’s easy to make a difference – you can help by taking part in the #CountOnMeBomo campaign and share your results on social media. If everyone in Bournemouth reduced their CO2 emissions by just 1000kg a year, we’d eliminate over 183,000 tonnes of CO2 – that’s equivalent of flying around the world 78,000 times – or enough to fill the Bournemouth Balloon 18,000 times!

flights and balloons

Join us now to protect the place we love. We’re proud of where we live and care passionately not just about our local community but also the future of our entire planet.


If you’re looking for more information on Climate Change, the BBC sums it up here nicely in six easy to understand graphics.

If you’d rather watch a video here’s a handy list of five must sees.

National Geographic also provide the Seven Things we need to know about Climate Change.

And if you want to delve a little deeper then Climate Reality would be good place to start.